For those of you who don't know me, I am female fashion blogger in the virtual world called Second Life. The blog is for anyone in Second Life who might be interested in what I am wearing in my pics.
  • For the most part consider myself an artistic freelance blogger in Second Life. While I do accept sponsored items, I only blog content living up to my personal style and taste. 
  • It is no secret that I have the honor to be Blogger Manager for Dead Dollz and have been for long and as such blogging Dead Dollz content is a priority and a delight.
  • When I call myself an artistic blogger, I mean that I edit and change my pictures in Photoshop. This is to present them in the most creative and best possible way, through true to the original content. I love this creative part and I am constantly looking for new ways to to improve my skills. Simply taking a picture in a nice windlight setting, doesn't really help me get better in Photoshop.
  • I often add hair strands to my pics. It it does not mean I think the hair is not good enough as it is, but I use hair strands to create some life to the picture. If I blog it, it means I love the hair. I will always mention if I have added hair strands to the hair.
  • Unless I have entered some kind of agreement with a sponsor, it is generally my blog, my rules.

Want me to blog for you?

If your content generally fits my style, then yes I would love to blog for you. However I work a lot rl and treasure to have a some spare time with my friends and family. Time have a habit of running from me. That means:

  • Please contact me first with a nc inworld if you want to be sure I have the time to blog for you
  • While I most certainly respect your blogger rules, I can't really live up to blogging 4 items a week and twise every second Sunday. Please consider this before inviting me to your blogger group.