Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

So Christmas Eve is upon us. I must say that my mind is not quite there yet, I mean, I bought all my presents and gone to x-mas parties and listened to lots of x-mas songs, but I it doesn't feel like it should be Christmas already. Maybe I will get a delayed reaction and start humming christmas tunes in late January.

However one thing I do love about Christmas and that I will never get tired of, is the chance to dress up a litte. I know I just blogged Dead Dollz christmas editions, but here is another one that was made for the Miss Virtual World competition that I just have to show off. It is too pretty not to be blogged. The dress is elegant, but also a little bit darring with the deep v-cut in the front and back and see through fabric of the top. I want to wear this dress all the way till late January and then put it on again for Valentines :)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Fly away with me

So we are getting very close to Christmas Eve and I am down with a cold - again. I dream of flying to warmer places these days. Fortunately it doesn't stop me from running around in beautiful winter landscapes of Second Life in high heels and pretty dresses. There is so many beautiful creations and landscapes to look at and to dresses to shop, which works wonders on the mood too.

Dead Dollz just released a line of dresses and gowns in x-mas special edition and further more they are 50 % off for the holidays till Dec 31st! So if you need something special to wear for the holiday parties or perhaps looking for a present for the girl in your life, it is worth dropping by the store these days.

The dress I am wearing above is the VIP group gift and it comes with a fur collar and muff, so you can really embrace the winter season.  Below is the beautiful Kafkaesque dress in a white edition, which would work out really well as an elegant bridal gown too, if you have an x-mas wedding coming up. The pretty skin I am wearing is from Belleza, special edition for The Liaison Collaborative.