Sunday, August 31, 2014

Uber Apocalypse

Uber Apocalypse opened up for a new round today at 12 AM SLT  and it seemed like a lot of people had razed to get there, right at the opening time. One of the big attractions was this new hair from Truth and was also the reason I am online so early and definitely worth it.

With the hair, Truth Hawks has even added a gas mask to fit the apocalypse theme. Even though I choose not to display it here, it is quite cool and well done. It comes in black, brown, Chome and with and without steam, so if you are into the steampunk look, you will love this.  

I saw at least 10 booths with signs that said 'sorry we're running late', but from the designers who were actually on time, I saw some very cool items that is worth stopping by for. I hope the others will get their items ready through the day, course I like this theme and will be interesting to see what they will come up with.

Baiastice has this awsome lingerie set for sale, which can easily be mixed into a top with some jeans if you want to go for the rock chic look. Each color pack offer a solid version and a version with see through net texture. However there is no alpha layers with it, so be careful if you plan on wearing it at some busy sims.

From BOOM I got this great jacket with its grungy look and studs on the shoulders.  It comes in lot of different colors and can be mixed and match into a lot of different looks where you want to add some edge.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Few more items from Collabor88 and La Metallique Fair by L'accessoires, both packed with wonderful items to be mixed and matched so you can radiate.

I am sorry Junbug for destroying parts of this beautiful dress, but sometimes we are not all hard metal or all divine goddesses, but just pure human and I felt like trying something new :)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Black Fashion Fair

As promised in previous post I will show a few more items from the Black Fashion Fair. In the mean time La Metallique Fair also started, so sneaked in an item from there too. I will get back to that soon.
Here is an all black outfit that I used a lot in the past few days when jumping around from club to club as I think it got the perfect rock chic style.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Dark & The Divine

I am back from a lovely vacation and to a new round of Collabor88, which started this weekend. Personally I think it is one of the best rounds ever. The theme is Odyssey and therefore inspired by ancient Greece and Greek gods. It is larger than usual with a new section and an upstairs. It also seem more creative than before. Not only the decorators of the place, but also most of the creators who are participating, have done a really great job. I am completely broke now.

As a contrast we have The Black Fashion Fair that also just started. Where "Black is the new black". So if you have a few lindens left of just not into the divine theme, you can get lots of the darker themed outfits here. From the classic black dress to a pair of black rock jeans. I couldn't stay away from either and I think there is a little bit divineness and darkness in us all, so I decided to merge the two events into one picture and then I hope to show some more outfits in future blog posts.