Saturday, April 12, 2014

Last notes of the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair

I don't know where the time is going, the Rock Attitude Fashon Fair is running on its last notes, so I just got time to show off a little rock attitude with this outfit, that I thought was pretty cool with its attitude.

I found a lot of cool clothing parts at the fair and I hope to see it back again next year. In the mean time I also found this retro dress at the fair, that I thought would be cool for many occations, I dont think there is so much rock'N'roll about it, but it is really nice and comes with a hud so you can change its color. I chose yellow for Easter :-)

Friday, April 4, 2014

COCO at Fameshed

I found some time to just relax and be creative, so I really wanted to do my own picture of this outfit from COCO. The outfit is actually only two mesh parts, as the shirt and shorts comes together in one and the jacket is bought separately. Both parts come in various pastel colors and a couple of floral patterns and is just perfect for the spring season. The the hands in the pockets is a special detail  that adds the relax and carefree look, however they never leave the pockets. So don't plan to go dancing in this outfit as it might look a bit peculiar, but it's great for a relaxed walk or shopping trip.

Shirt/shorts: COCO - Shirt&Shorts(Hands in Pockets) - Beige (Fameshed)
Jacket: COCO - JacketOverShoulders - Small Flowers (Fameshed)
Hair: Magika - Tendency

Spring Fairs 2014

So just making a quick post, since I haven't updated in a while. I'll tro to do some pics during the weekend :)

There is quite a few fairs going onat  this time a year. So if  you missed the Valentines fairs and the skin fair and is wondering what to do next, like my friend Kezzy. Fear not, there is much more to discover. One of my favorite ones going on right now, would be the Rock Attitude Fair, to give your outfit a bit of an edge. The upcoming Japan Fair, should be interesting too. I am very much looking forward to discover and get new inspirations from a lot of different Japanese designers.

Here is the list of the fairs I am aware of. Feel free to comment and add if you know of others:

Rock Attitude Fashion Fair -
Cutie Moon Fair -
FreeStyle Urban Fair -
Easter Market Event -
The Spring Market Fair -

And tomorrow the Japan Fair starts -