Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

So Christmas Eve is upon us. I must say that my mind is not quite there yet, I mean, I bought all my presents and gone to x-mas parties and listened to lots of x-mas songs, but I it doesn't feel like it should be Christmas already. Maybe I will get a delayed reaction and start humming christmas tunes in late January.

However one thing I do love about Christmas and that I will never get tired of, is the chance to dress up a litte. I know I just blogged Dead Dollz christmas editions, but here is another one that was made for the Miss Virtual World competition that I just have to show off. It is too pretty not to be blogged. The dress is elegant, but also a little bit darring with the deep v-cut in the front and back and see through fabric of the top. I want to wear this dress all the way till late January and then put it on again for Valentines :)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Fly away with me

So we are getting very close to Christmas Eve and I am down with a cold - again. I dream of flying to warmer places these days. Fortunately it doesn't stop me from running around in beautiful winter landscapes of Second Life in high heels and pretty dresses. There is so many beautiful creations and landscapes to look at and to dresses to shop, which works wonders on the mood too.

Dead Dollz just released a line of dresses and gowns in x-mas special edition and further more they are 50 % off for the holidays till Dec 31st! So if you need something special to wear for the holiday parties or perhaps looking for a present for the girl in your life, it is worth dropping by the store these days.

The dress I am wearing above is the VIP group gift and it comes with a fur collar and muff, so you can really embrace the winter season.  Below is the beautiful Kafkaesque dress in a white edition, which would work out really well as an elegant bridal gown too, if you have an x-mas wedding coming up. The pretty skin I am wearing is from Belleza, special edition for The Liaison Collaborative.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Maybe Santa is on his way

Dress: Erratic - Trisha Ruffle Dress  - Colorblock black&white (Uber Dec)
Bag: Reign - Villencia Bag (Uber Dec)
Bracelet: Mandala - Billionaire Smexy - Black
Necklace: The Forge - Harvest Moon - Silver (Secret Affair)
Hair: Exile - After the Rain
Skin: Belleza - Eva (Uber December)
Hands: SLink
Pose: Di's Opera - Ravissante Line 1 - 7
Location: Calas Galadhon

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Going for Coffee

Little mix of items that I found at different fairs. The white top from ISON, has a really cool cut with an open back and can be found together with pants at this round of C88.
The skin is beauty from Belleza that will be available at the upcoming round of Uber with the Vogue theme.

You might also wonder where I am so busy to get the coffee from. It is a brand new sim called PINOY HIDEOUT. It is a really beautiful sim designed by Neva Crystall and I can only recommend you go check it out. There are lot of great spots to hang our or to take photos from.

Right now there is a photo contest going on there, with chances to win great prizes and I have been lucky enough to be asked to help with judging. The contest ends on Sunday 30th so there is still a couple of days left, if you want to submit your pictures to the contest. Go get the rules at the PINOY landing spot or read more about the contest on FLICKR

Top: ISON - bandage back top - Snow (C88 November)
Pants: ISON - side lace pants - black (C88 November)
Shoes: Eudora 3D - Elvira Heels (Uber November)
Bracelet: Zaara - Banjara kada bracelets
Hair: enVOGUE HAIR - Marilyn
Skin: Belleza - Eva (Uber December)
Pose: Di's Opera - Divine Series 1 - 4

Friday, November 14, 2014

A sword for a dress

I am very happy because 'We ♡ Role-play' is back with a new round. I have always enjoyed attending the fair, not course I do much roleplay, but becourse there are usually some really creative and well done items, Specially in the accessory department. It is really tempting to buy all sort of items, like all of the sudden I can think that buying a sword is the best idea in the world. Course it is shiny and pretty and I want it!

Now I resisted the tempation to buy the sword (for now), course I can't think of  a good club or venue where waving around with a sword will look that amazing.

But there are other items on the fair, that I do think can be used at different occations, One of them, is this beautiful dress from Dead Dollz. It is inspired by Margaery Tyrell from Games of Thrones, so it already got my interest there, as I love that story. It got a bit of fantasy look, but also slightly asian and will look great at any formal occation. It comes in 5 different colors, but sky blue is one of my favorite colors, so is the one I am featuring here.

The dress is available right now at 'We ♡ role-play' with a 25% discount. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Winter Club Mix

Little style mix from me for the fall/winter season. I found the pants a while ago at Gizza and loved them right away for their raw look with leather and extra zippers, but still glamorous texsture. I added a fur vest I found last year at Ison and some shiny pumps and  raw bracelet and I have been dancing the night away at various second life clubs.

Pants: Gizza - Josie Pants - Snake
Vest: ISON - Raw Hide Vest - Slate
Shoes: StormCrow Design's - Pumps with Strass and Gems - Black/Blue Silver
Bracelet: Mandala - Billionaire: Smexy - Black
Necklace: Modern Couture - Chanele Gold Necklace
Hair: Exile - Cry Ophelia (Slightly modified for this picture)
Skin: Belleza - Grace
Pose: Exposeur - Top Model - Sheena1

Saturday, October 4, 2014


I promised I would show more pictures of the Venus mesh body from Belleza. So I thought I would create a picture in photoshop inspired by the godess Venus.

Belleza also has a new gorgeous skin out at this round of Uber called Brooke, which includes 8 different makeups. This round of Uber is also inspired by 50 Shades, so a close to nude photo seemed appropiate :)

Belleza - Venus fitted mesh body
Skin - Belleza - Brooke (Uber October)
Hair is drawn by me but based on Exile - After the rain
Pose - DeePosed - Sweet Dreams 1

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dead Dollz @ AW14

I am having real trouble keeping up with the productivity of Kiddo Oh and I am just trying to blog pictures. She just released 8 new Dead Dollz dresses for the Penumbra Autumn/Winter Fashion Week, which is going on right now and till Sept 22nd. I am going to show 3 of my favorites here, but they are all gorgeous dresses really, so be sure you go have a look. 

First dress is this wonderful, black cocktail dress, which I am totally in love with. It reminds me of a diva princess from an old movie with its design of clear lines and little poofy skirt sprinkled with small gems.

Its big sister is the gown called Full Measures, which is a dream for any princess on the grid. It got the same strict lines as as the Half Measure dress, but this one comes in full lenght and it can't get more pink than this, which  leads my thoughts to Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty princcesses.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Belleza Venus - New Mesh Body

I have never been a fan of mesh bodies and specially not when they come with a head. I kinda think they look freakish, like something is not quite right. Like the mesh avatar in question, could at any given moment begin to pursuit its dream of world domination and try to kill everyone around.

Kidding aside, when I heard that Belleza was working on a mesh body, I was curious though, as I know they are about quality in everything they do. When I heard the body would come without a face, I was even more interested to see it. Now I have been very lucky to receive a copy of this fitted mesh body, also called Belleza Venus, so I can blog it. I can say that I am very positive about a lot of the features. It was sent on my 8 years rezz day in SL, should think Tricky Boucher had known, but I had to go party before I could write this up lol

First of all the mesh body comes in two versions, one that is entirely Belleza and one that compatible with SLink hands and feet. The package includes two pairs of shoes and a lingerie set in white, nude and black. I am featuring the black set in this picture.

It is easy to see that Tricky Boucher had an eye on the details and it is almost flawless. Personally I adjusted my shape a little to get a better result with the mesh shape. It is not that the shape didn't fit, course it does and you can bend your body around as much as you like, it will still fit. But I felt some proportions had changed a little, so I adjusted my own shape a little. The above picture is not a raw shot, but in order for you to get a fair idea of how it really looks, I haven't been correcting anything on the body in PS.

The most important part of this package aside from the body itself, is the HUD which is where you will find all the neat tricks and where you can customize your mesh body a great deal, This I beleive is the real strenght of this body.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dead Dollz @ The 24²

Dead Dollz is out with this super cute dress for the The 24² event week.  All the items created for the event are Limited Edition. This means only 150 copies will be sold, so don't wait too long if you want to grab tis super cute dress that comes in a black and white edition.

As you can see the dress has a very romantic feel to it with its lovely lace fabric that makes it look like it is see through but in reality it isn't. It comes with a hud that let you choose the tone of the "see through" parts. This limited edition  dress comes for the neat price of 420L which is pretty good for a limited dress you can use for many occations.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Uber Apocalypse

Uber Apocalypse opened up for a new round today at 12 AM SLT  and it seemed like a lot of people had razed to get there, right at the opening time. One of the big attractions was this new hair from Truth and was also the reason I am online so early and definitely worth it.

With the hair, Truth Hawks has even added a gas mask to fit the apocalypse theme. Even though I choose not to display it here, it is quite cool and well done. It comes in black, brown, Chome and with and without steam, so if you are into the steampunk look, you will love this.  

I saw at least 10 booths with signs that said 'sorry we're running late', but from the designers who were actually on time, I saw some very cool items that is worth stopping by for. I hope the others will get their items ready through the day, course I like this theme and will be interesting to see what they will come up with.

Baiastice has this awsome lingerie set for sale, which can easily be mixed into a top with some jeans if you want to go for the rock chic look. Each color pack offer a solid version and a version with see through net texture. However there is no alpha layers with it, so be careful if you plan on wearing it at some busy sims.

From BOOM I got this great jacket with its grungy look and studs on the shoulders.  It comes in lot of different colors and can be mixed and match into a lot of different looks where you want to add some edge.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Few more items from Collabor88 and La Metallique Fair by L'accessoires, both packed with wonderful items to be mixed and matched so you can radiate.

I am sorry Junbug for destroying parts of this beautiful dress, but sometimes we are not all hard metal or all divine goddesses, but just pure human and I felt like trying something new :)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Black Fashion Fair

As promised in previous post I will show a few more items from the Black Fashion Fair. In the mean time La Metallique Fair also started, so sneaked in an item from there too. I will get back to that soon.
Here is an all black outfit that I used a lot in the past few days when jumping around from club to club as I think it got the perfect rock chic style.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Dark & The Divine

I am back from a lovely vacation and to a new round of Collabor88, which started this weekend. Personally I think it is one of the best rounds ever. The theme is Odyssey and therefore inspired by ancient Greece and Greek gods. It is larger than usual with a new section and an upstairs. It also seem more creative than before. Not only the decorators of the place, but also most of the creators who are participating, have done a really great job. I am completely broke now.

As a contrast we have The Black Fashion Fair that also just started. Where "Black is the new black". So if you have a few lindens left of just not into the divine theme, you can get lots of the darker themed outfits here. From the classic black dress to a pair of black rock jeans. I couldn't stay away from either and I think there is a little bit divineness and darkness in us all, so I decided to merge the two events into one picture and then I hope to show some more outfits in future blog posts.


Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer Escape

In real life it is getting a bit too warm for my liking and yet it seems like I am catching a cold. So I've escaped to a tranquil location with a  beautiful Indian palace which is simply surrounded by water and beauty. Wearing a light floral summer dress from Gizza to go with the summer look.

I believe this dress is good for almost any occation depending on how you accessories, which is why I have been wearing it a lot lately. I even ran the RFL in this outfit to show my support to two of my friends.The dress comes with a a hud, that lets you change the dress into 3 different colors, but it can also be purchased in other variations.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Blue Retro

I was pointed in the direction of this cute retro dress a few days ago and went to get it straight away. What I really like about it, is the strict lines of the design, while it maintains a soft look. The fabric of this version seems like silk is falling smoothly around your avis body specially in the back.

Even though it is short, it is great for dancing. I have been giving it a pretty good spin and it follows the movements well. The dress can be purchased in ten different colors and as such can be used for the retro image or a more classic image. 

Thank you Yasmine for showing it to me :)

Monday, June 30, 2014

Getting Married

Ok I'm not personally getting married, but I have fallen in love. I have fallen in love with Dead Dollz new bridal section, with its simplicity and femine details and of course all mesh.

Both in real life and in SL I got friends who are getting married and who are looking for the dress. While irl there are something for every taste on earth and in a thousand variations, it surprisingly seems like it is more limited in SL, specially if you want mesh. Of course there are gorgeous dresses out there, but I thought there would be a lot more. By recoloring the entire Dead Dollz gowns collection, plus adding a couple of new dresses, Dead Dollz is definitely worth having a look at, if you are looking for a wedding dress too.

I am more to the simple gowns with some nice details and therefore I have chosen to show off two examples of such gowns here in this post, but given them each their expression, with just a few accesories, the first one being the classic romantic bridal look. Many might recognize the first gown as the Tainted dress, before sold in red and black, here in white, but also pretty blondes at the buttom. All the beautiful dresses can be found in the Dead Dollz new bridal section - House of Brides, which is decorated as a fitting backgrown and where brides to be can bring their bridesmaids and try on dresses on the pose stands.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

When it rains - Go to SL

Turned out to be a rainy day, then it is a good thing that we got Second Life where we can go to dreamy beaches and enjoy some sun :)

Bikini: Baiastice - Luli Bikini - Anchors (Collabor88)
Hair: Little Bones - West Coast
Nails: Alaska Metro - Deep Sea
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hand Casual

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Little Sins in Life

A couple of days ago Kiddo Oh sent out this new lingerie  set as a Dead Dollz group gift. And I absolutly adore it. It is super sexy and classic at the same time, just as I like it. With the seethrough laces and small floral pattern that she does so well. She even added a hud to make it fit all the different mesh products  in SL, from Slink, Lolas, Lush and Womeh. So be sure you join the group and go grab this wonderful gift before it is too late.

As a little side note. I got the pibe from Mens Dept, which is also a fun little gaget that I have fallen in love with. It looks really realistic and also comes with animation and a hud that let you choose the smokes pattern, timer etc.

Lingerie: Dead Dollz - Cyanide Lingerie - Black
Bracelet: Mandala - Rain set season 2 - Maple Black
Earrings: Mandala - Rain set season 2 - Cream
Pibe: NikotiN - Pipe Shadow (Mens Dept)
Hair: Truth Hair - Fernanda
Hands - Slink  - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
Nail Polish - Alaskametro - SLINK pedicure applier - "Cherry"

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Beach Day

The new round of Collabor88 gets you ready for the summer with the inspiring theme 'To The Lighthouse'. Naturally you will find a lot of cute items and outfits within the sailor and beach category. I already bought myself poor, but will start by showing the following set, while enjoying the sun

Top: Baiastice - Marina shirt - strips (Collabor88)
Pants: ISON - Rope belt chinos - printed b&w (Collabor88)
Ring: Yummy - Winter Flower Ring - Cobber
Hair: Mina - Nanda - Light Brown
Pose: Exposeur - High Fashion 11
Location: Winter Moon

Monday, June 2, 2014

Rose on Rocks


Dress: LPD - Valeria Dress
Necklace: Yummy - Guardian Charms  - Gold
Ring: Yummy  Garden Cocktail - Gold RARE (Arcade Gacha Events -June 2014)
Ring: Yummy - Single Daisy  - White(Arcade Gacha Events  -June 2014)
Hair: Boon -  AAN330 hair - Brown
Pose: Exposeur - Naith

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Last notes of the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair

I don't know where the time is going, the Rock Attitude Fashon Fair is running on its last notes, so I just got time to show off a little rock attitude with this outfit, that I thought was pretty cool with its attitude.

I found a lot of cool clothing parts at the fair and I hope to see it back again next year. In the mean time I also found this retro dress at the fair, that I thought would be cool for many occations, I dont think there is so much rock'N'roll about it, but it is really nice and comes with a hud so you can change its color. I chose yellow for Easter :-)

Friday, April 4, 2014

COCO at Fameshed

I found some time to just relax and be creative, so I really wanted to do my own picture of this outfit from COCO. The outfit is actually only two mesh parts, as the shirt and shorts comes together in one and the jacket is bought separately. Both parts come in various pastel colors and a couple of floral patterns and is just perfect for the spring season. The the hands in the pockets is a special detail  that adds the relax and carefree look, however they never leave the pockets. So don't plan to go dancing in this outfit as it might look a bit peculiar, but it's great for a relaxed walk or shopping trip.

Shirt/shorts: COCO - Shirt&Shorts(Hands in Pockets) - Beige (Fameshed)
Jacket: COCO - JacketOverShoulders - Small Flowers (Fameshed)
Hair: Magika - Tendency

Spring Fairs 2014

So just making a quick post, since I haven't updated in a while. I'll tro to do some pics during the weekend :)

There is quite a few fairs going onat  this time a year. So if  you missed the Valentines fairs and the skin fair and is wondering what to do next, like my friend Kezzy. Fear not, there is much more to discover. One of my favorite ones going on right now, would be the Rock Attitude Fair, to give your outfit a bit of an edge. The upcoming Japan Fair, should be interesting too. I am very much looking forward to discover and get new inspirations from a lot of different Japanese designers.

Here is the list of the fairs I am aware of. Feel free to comment and add if you know of others:

Rock Attitude Fashion Fair -
Cutie Moon Fair -
FreeStyle Urban Fair -
Easter Market Event -
The Spring Market Fair -

And tomorrow the Japan Fair starts -

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Collabor88 - February14

I have been trying for two days to get into Collabor88 and I finally managed (Think LL is now considering to kick my ass for excessive tp behaviour though). There was a few items I really wanted and among them was the this dress from Celoe and boots from Maitreya. Then starting to style it and set up my photo studio (I recently moved) Finally ready to take my pictures, my region annouced it was restarting in five minutes. You gotta love SL -.-

 click for larger image

I sure hope you enjoy what I came up with after all my struggles lol
I am pretty happy with the items I collected. Maitreya as always, is the master of making boots and these thigh high boots of snake skin are no exception. The dress is lovely as well. With different patterns and colors to choose from, I picked a simple expression, letting the little details of the cute shoulders stand out more. Don't forget to to have a look at the necklaces at ISON, they are really great. I love big necklaces with lot of details to go with the more simple look.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

GL - Eria: Waiting for summer

After a month of pretty much no sun shine at all, I am so ready for spring and summer to arrive. It seems like my friend Gaea, the designer from GL Shop has been thinking the same, when she made this sweet dress. I saw her dancing in it at my set the other day and thought it was super cute. So I was pretty exited when she suddenly sent it to me today and very honored when I realized she named it after me. So thank you Gaea, you really made me smile today.

So when I have a dress named after myself, I will have to show it off, of course. I may be biased, but I really do love the dress. It is the image of summer with is is old pink rose pattern, thin straps and open back. I even put the dress through the dance test and it followed my moves perfectly, so it is safe to dance a bit wild while gardening ;)
The dress comes in 2 other pink flower patterns as well as two sexy see through versions with lace on the edges.

Of other news, Exile just relased three new hairstyles! I am wearing the one called Lazy Summer - A light, semi-long hairdo that just seem to match this theme perfectly, so I had to get that at once.
I enjoy the Exile hair a lot, after she added the huds to control the hair tones with the option to choose from a few reflexes/highlights on your own. I've added a light tone the honey hair I usually like to wear.

Dress: GL - Eria
Necklace: Cae - Dazzle :: Necklace
Hair: Exile - Lazy Summer Days - Dark Blondes
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
Pose: Diesel Works - Vixie9
Location: My garden ;)