Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sexy New Year?

Looking for something to wear at your New Years party? Now that I'm already at Plastik today, I thought I would introduce this little thing as well.

This dress comes in many colors and variations, so it should be possible to find just the right one for you. In the folder you'll also find it in a version with and without the exstra strings in the middle. Sexy, tight and showy without being too much. Ad some nice nails and braceletss and you should be ready to party all night long :) Have a look at the other dresses at Plastik as well, they're great!

Dress: Plastik - Octane-Cowgirl/Paise
Hair: Truth - Francesca - Cocoa
Stocking - Plastik Christmas '10-Bordello-Company Party
Pose: TorridWear - Curves 9

Winter boots from Plastik

One can never have enough boots and Plastik offers some cute new ones, called Aestival Boots, at the store right now. These boots comes in a ton of different colors, but each one of them has a script to change the fur to other colors or other fur types as well. Also Each pair offers a small ankle boot size and a large male size in the received folder. In the first picture I'm showing off the large version and the pictures below is a selection of the smaller versions. There should be a boot for everyones taste :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Make up from Divine at Chic Boutique

On Dec. 23 Chic Boutique opened its doors. Displaying the newest styles and designs from some of the best creators  in SL, from 40-90L per item. Even better, the collection  is changed every second week!
Below I'm showing showing the wonderful sad Chic Makeup from Divine, which you can find amoung the discounts at this time.

If you haven't tried make up sets yet, it's really neat, because you can add it to whatever skin you're wearing as an exstra layer. No reason to buy a whole new skin if you're happy with the one you got. However this make up only can be worn with a viewer that supports the new tattoo layers. Get these 3 makeup versions from Divine for only 40L at Chic Boutique

Read more at Chic Boutiques blog -

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sale at Sweetest Goodbye

Sweetest Goodbye are having their first sale in 2 years. Except from the latest releases you can buy some very nice outfits with 40% off untill Dec. 25. Which makes me very happy because I love Sweetest Goodbye, but on the other hand I already got most of the outfits there. However I found this great Khaki outfit including the great jacket and cute skirt. It comes in 4 different color versions and personally I think it rocks.

Outfit: Sweetest Goodbye - 2nd Moon - Khaki
Bracelet: Mandala - Sinra bracelet,ring,Nails/chocolate brown
Rings - Mandala -Takara Bangle/Bronze/ Nail&Ring
Socks: Fleur - Fair Isle  OTK Socks Gray
Boots: Truth - Foxley Boot (old group gift)
Hair: Truth - Stephanie - coffee

Pose: LAP- F-Blogger2-Mirror PR4

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

LeeZu Releases

LeeZu recently released some new pants that I thought was so cute, I just had to go get them and everything else I stumbled across it seems. But yay! More mixing and matching to show off here.

The pants has a lot of cute little details that makes them special in my eyes, such as the buttoms folding the cloth and the matcing belt. When you buy them you get them in both a a short and a long version. I'm wearing the short version below, because then I get to show off the shoes too. X-mas spirit is sneaking in on me everywhere, so I had to wear them in red as they reminded me a bit of x-mas elfs and just because I can :) I have to say they're pretty awsome and very detailed with braces on the heels and small shoe ties on the front.

Top: LeeZu - Mailiin Blouse /mauve
Jacket: LeeZu - Maria Jacket /champagne
Pants: LeeZu - Milan Pants /graybrown
Shoes: LeeZu - Dncorde Danse /red
Earrings: LeeZu - Zoee Earrings /metal
Socks: Fleur - Fair Isle  OTK Socks - Gray
Hair: Truth - Orchid Plain - fudge
Nails: CCD - Long Nails - Diva - Silver

Pose: LAP - 23/365

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nyte'N'Day Decked outfit again and again

I will continue at Nyte'N'Day since there has just been a great new release at the store and X-street. Well actually it's several releases that can be mixed and mathced into a lot of different styles. Nyte is very good at making feminine creations that can be both great as businesswear, but if you change around on the parts a little, you got yourself a sexy clubbing outfit. Below I've tried to mix 3 different outfits to illustrate a little bit of of it all.

As you can see the parts comes in several colors, except the pants and skirt part that is black and forms the basic. I had a lot of fun mixing and matching the styles and its even possible to twist it to be a little cute and x-mas like with the red Argyle stiockings if you want :)
You can chose to buy the different parts in packs or each one seperately.

Wearing Picture 1:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Holidays From

X-mas is near and of course that also means its hunting time for some great outfits. Luckly that means that there actually are hunts going on too, so you get to save money and find new great places to shop. December10th - 31st the hunt called 'Happy Holidays From'  sponsored by ISPACHI is running off.

The hunt includes a hundred different items from a hundred different brands which each is worth 400L, but only cost 10L. All the hunt items should be hidden within a reasonable range from the landing point, and on the same floor you land on. However remember that sometimes these rules can be forgotten.
This hunt will include items for both male and female avatars as well as unisex items. A list of SLURLs to each store will be provided at

There are no rules for the hunt items to be strictly holliday themed, so there should be a bit for everyone. However I got this very sexy dress with open back from Nyte'N'Day which will light up at any X-mas party on the grid, especially if you add a little freebie accesories like the antler hat :)

Dress: Nyte'N'Day - Happy Holidays From...Hunt - Micro Sweater Dress
Hair: Truth - Orchid Plain - fudge
Hat: Santa Hat w/Antlers 1 (freebie)
Nails: Caithlin Carter Designs - Long Nails - Diva - Silver

Pose: Exposeur: Meet Esther