Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lovely in White

Ok since I went on a shopping spree and went broke on the Summer of Love fair, I better show more of what i found there. Everything in the picture below, except the hair, is found on the fair and mixed it together. Again don't miss out on this fair and remember to visit the information points, where you can also catch some nice gifts.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer of Love Fair

The Summer of Love fair has been running since July 18th and will be running to August 8th. Thank God! since i had not heard of it till now and now that I visited I wouldn't have wanted to miss it for the world. The fair is raising awareness for mental health but focused on issues caused by human relationships e.g. Seasonal Affective Disorder, ADHD, Bulimia. Many designers have things for sale which is also new and exlusive for the fair. It's a small place for a fair, but it's packed with goodies and great accessories, I find that my inventory is a mess again after just one visit, but I think I made some really great finds.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lady Blue

I love feeling a little blue in this sexy dress from C.Smit, but of course it comes in several other colors as well. Actually this dress has to be bought in two seperate parts, skirt is 160L and top is 159L. The top allows two combinations, a top if you want to show off more skin and one that covers down to the waist as shown below.

I've always been loving the hair from Truth (maybe you can tell), but this hair rocks! To top it, beside the normal colors, you also get them in a version with streaks. Yay for all the possibilities to rock out.
Another detail I'm in love with these days, is the nails, that I've tried to higlight. I remember the days where nails where just a glove with color you put on. I'm amazed with the details you can have today, with rings, diamonds and butterflies. The ones I'm showing off here is from Candy Nails and only cost 150L and they're like little artworks, so certainly wont be the last I I'll buy from there. Never know who I'll need to scratch :)

Dress: C.Smit - Satin High Waist Skirt No. 1 - turquoise 2
Hair: Truth -Tilly - crow
Earrings: Mandala - Amida earring - Black
Bracelet: Zaara - Pratha silver cuff - onyx
Nails: Candy Nail #P045 Swallowtail Black*LE

Pose: LAP - 23/365

Visit C.Smit here -
Candy Nails -

Sunday, July 18, 2010

For the fashion show fans

Fashion Show Fan's Unlimited is a group for you who would like to keep updated on the different fashion shows going on. The group is collecting and informing about the fashion shows produced by the many professional agencies across Second Life. This way you only need one group space.

To join: Search 'Fashion Show Fans' under the group tab or use this link -

Friday, July 16, 2010

Diversity Hair is back!

Maybe you've noticed that the store Diversity Hair dissapeared some time ago. Fortunately designer Aleri Darkes decided to bring it back, but now located at the Celebration sim. The store is smaller, but still sells the most pupular hair styles for females and men and starting out with a sale to celebrate the return. Shown below is the lovely Jersey hair, right now the pack only cost 100L

Hair: Diversity Hair - Jersey - Jet Black
Bikini top: C.Smit - Bikini Paulina - gold dots
Pants: Digit Darkes - gold and black sequin striped pants
Earings: Mandala - Takayama earring - Gold
Bangles:Mandala - Takara Bangle - Bronze/ Nail
Sneakers: Redgrave - Black-Stripped/ Sculpties

Pose: Exposeur - Glamour Girl 10

Find the new Diversity Hair store here -

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fracas Tee

I adore this Fracas Tee in white as shown below, which is one of the many later releases from Nyte'N'Day. It comes in multible colors, where another favorite of mine is the gold version. It's a great alternative summer look of the small pretty dresses. Great to combine with some jeans if you still want to look hot, but with a rougher edge to your personality. The Tee can be found on the dark side of the store for 125L - Perfect for a trip into the wilder nature :)

Tee shirt: Nyte'N'Day - Fracas Tee - White
Jeans: Detour - Flood Jeans
Hair: ARGRACE - Hunting - Velvety bob - Light brown
Bracelet: U&R Dogs - Traumerei Bracelet Silver (by Ruriko Jewell)

Pose: Exposeur -Top Model Accessorize - Alasia

Visit Nyte'N'Day here -

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dress for the summer

This dress from MrS is is great for looking hot on a summerday. With its pretty pattern and colors it is practically glowing of summer and thoughts of roses in itself. It's very simple in 3 parts and only 90L so should be room to ad some nice accessories and then off for a picnic.

Hair: Truth - Carrie - Maple-Mahogany
Red bracelet: ACgirl - Colorful Bracelet (Freebie)
Blue Bracelet: W&Y Bracelet A (Freebie)

Pose: Exposeur -Top Model - Erin 2

For the dress visit TUTY'S & MrSIGMUND here -

Sunday, July 11, 2010

PixelDolls with an edge

I found this great dress at PixelDolls main store for 99L. There are several variations, but I just love the patterns on this one. It has some cute innocense to it as well as well an edge of  temper that fits the summer heat very well. The dress offers two options of sleeves, the poofy ones as shown below here or some flutter sleeves. You migth want to find a good bra to wear beneath, because the top part is rather skimpy, but hey that works in the heat too :)

Dress from PixelsDolls - Anais . Ragged nc
Boots from B&G - BOTA SENDRA - NEGRO
Hair from Truth - Wendy - fudge

Poses from :
[LAP] - WG-The Sasy PR4
[LAP] - MS2-Runway12 (little pic)

Visit PixelDolls at -