Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sexy New Year?

Looking for something to wear at your New Years party? Now that I'm already at Plastik today, I thought I would introduce this little thing as well.

This dress comes in many colors and variations, so it should be possible to find just the right one for you. In the folder you'll also find it in a version with and without the exstra strings in the middle. Sexy, tight and showy without being too much. Ad some nice nails and braceletss and you should be ready to party all night long :) Have a look at the other dresses at Plastik as well, they're great!

Dress: Plastik - Octane-Cowgirl/Paise
Hair: Truth - Francesca - Cocoa
Stocking - Plastik Christmas '10-Bordello-Company Party
Pose: TorridWear - Curves 9

Winter boots from Plastik

One can never have enough boots and Plastik offers some cute new ones, called Aestival Boots, at the store right now. These boots comes in a ton of different colors, but each one of them has a script to change the fur to other colors or other fur types as well. Also Each pair offers a small ankle boot size and a large male size in the received folder. In the first picture I'm showing off the large version and the pictures below is a selection of the smaller versions. There should be a boot for everyones taste :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Make up from Divine at Chic Boutique

On Dec. 23 Chic Boutique opened its doors. Displaying the newest styles and designs from some of the best creators  in SL, from 40-90L per item. Even better, the collection  is changed every second week!
Below I'm showing showing the wonderful sad Chic Makeup from Divine, which you can find amoung the discounts at this time.

If you haven't tried make up sets yet, it's really neat, because you can add it to whatever skin you're wearing as an exstra layer. No reason to buy a whole new skin if you're happy with the one you got. However this make up only can be worn with a viewer that supports the new tattoo layers. Get these 3 makeup versions from Divine for only 40L at Chic Boutique

Read more at Chic Boutiques blog -

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sale at Sweetest Goodbye

Sweetest Goodbye are having their first sale in 2 years. Except from the latest releases you can buy some very nice outfits with 40% off untill Dec. 25. Which makes me very happy because I love Sweetest Goodbye, but on the other hand I already got most of the outfits there. However I found this great Khaki outfit including the great jacket and cute skirt. It comes in 4 different color versions and personally I think it rocks.

Outfit: Sweetest Goodbye - 2nd Moon - Khaki
Bracelet: Mandala - Sinra bracelet,ring,Nails/chocolate brown
Rings - Mandala -Takara Bangle/Bronze/ Nail&Ring
Socks: Fleur - Fair Isle  OTK Socks Gray
Boots: Truth - Foxley Boot (old group gift)
Hair: Truth - Stephanie - coffee

Pose: LAP- F-Blogger2-Mirror PR4

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

LeeZu Releases

LeeZu recently released some new pants that I thought was so cute, I just had to go get them and everything else I stumbled across it seems. But yay! More mixing and matching to show off here.

The pants has a lot of cute little details that makes them special in my eyes, such as the buttoms folding the cloth and the matcing belt. When you buy them you get them in both a a short and a long version. I'm wearing the short version below, because then I get to show off the shoes too. X-mas spirit is sneaking in on me everywhere, so I had to wear them in red as they reminded me a bit of x-mas elfs and just because I can :) I have to say they're pretty awsome and very detailed with braces on the heels and small shoe ties on the front.

Top: LeeZu - Mailiin Blouse /mauve
Jacket: LeeZu - Maria Jacket /champagne
Pants: LeeZu - Milan Pants /graybrown
Shoes: LeeZu - Dncorde Danse /red
Earrings: LeeZu - Zoee Earrings /metal
Socks: Fleur - Fair Isle  OTK Socks - Gray
Hair: Truth - Orchid Plain - fudge
Nails: CCD - Long Nails - Diva - Silver

Pose: LAP - 23/365

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nyte'N'Day Decked outfit again and again

I will continue at Nyte'N'Day since there has just been a great new release at the store and X-street. Well actually it's several releases that can be mixed and mathced into a lot of different styles. Nyte is very good at making feminine creations that can be both great as businesswear, but if you change around on the parts a little, you got yourself a sexy clubbing outfit. Below I've tried to mix 3 different outfits to illustrate a little bit of of it all.

As you can see the parts comes in several colors, except the pants and skirt part that is black and forms the basic. I had a lot of fun mixing and matching the styles and its even possible to twist it to be a little cute and x-mas like with the red Argyle stiockings if you want :)
You can chose to buy the different parts in packs or each one seperately.

Wearing Picture 1:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Holidays From

X-mas is near and of course that also means its hunting time for some great outfits. Luckly that means that there actually are hunts going on too, so you get to save money and find new great places to shop. December10th - 31st the hunt called 'Happy Holidays From'  sponsored by ISPACHI is running off.

The hunt includes a hundred different items from a hundred different brands which each is worth 400L, but only cost 10L. All the hunt items should be hidden within a reasonable range from the landing point, and on the same floor you land on. However remember that sometimes these rules can be forgotten.
This hunt will include items for both male and female avatars as well as unisex items. A list of SLURLs to each store will be provided at

There are no rules for the hunt items to be strictly holliday themed, so there should be a bit for everyone. However I got this very sexy dress with open back from Nyte'N'Day which will light up at any X-mas party on the grid, especially if you add a little freebie accesories like the antler hat :)

Dress: Nyte'N'Day - Happy Holidays From...Hunt - Micro Sweater Dress
Hair: Truth - Orchid Plain - fudge
Hat: Santa Hat w/Antlers 1 (freebie)
Nails: Caithlin Carter Designs - Long Nails - Diva - Silver

Pose: Exposeur: Meet Esther

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall is here

I always love purple, but somehow it just seem more right for fall season, it suits brown and grey colors so great. Dutch Touch has this cute little jacket, that you can mix together with other parts at the store as you please. Shown below I've gone with this great warm purple colored skirt and a more neutral top to go below the jacket. If not femine enough for you, then add a long curly hair, high heels and some some earrrings and you're ready to go.

Skirt: Dutch Touch - Zoet Skirts - Purple
Jacket: Dutch Touch - Zoet Cardi - Brown
Top: Dutch Touch - TankTop Wrinkle Long - DarkLilac/DarkGrey
Shoes: Maitreya Gold - Shanti Eggplant
Earrings: Mandala - Takayama earring - Gold
Nails: Mandala - Takara Bangle/Bronze/ Nail&Ring
Hair: Truth - Miranda - light browns

Pose: Diesel Works: Diva16
Location: Oubliette -

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Traumerei earrings out at Fashion House

The Fashion House has opened up its doors once again with new items to check out for a special price. You may remember my post from last month, that U&R Dogs are releasing different parts of the Traumerei set each month till the set is complete. This months you can catch these lovely earrings, shown below in the pink version.

There is a lot of small details to these pretty earrings, that I thought they deserved a closeup picure. Notice the cute little gemstones in the small chain. Like the bracelet you're of course also able to change the color and brightness of the earrings, to match your needs and they are only 100L.

Remember Fashion House is open each month between Sep 10-25 and within that period it displays exclusive items between 75-125L. Go get the earrings at Fashion House here -

Earrings: U&R Dogs - Traumerei Pierced Earrings Antique
Hair: Truth - Seraphina - fudge
Shirt: Nyte'N'Day - Veat Complete Shirt - Vest & Button Up Shirt

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Am I talking with myself now?

With the risk of being assumed to be an old lonely lady, I gotta blog this latest buy, which for once is not an outfit, but fashion and fun for your living room. Earthstones new creation is the Pet Parakeets with Artificial Intelligence. It's a rather hillarious, and sometimes a rather disturbing conversation I found myself having, especially when the tweeting bird was starting to correct my gramma :o
Here is some parts of the conversation I had with my new little friend:

Tweety tweets: Hi there!
Eria Ziemia: How are you?
Tweety tweets: I am functioning within normal parameters.
Eria Ziemia: is that good?
Tweety tweets: Suppose I said it is.
Eria Ziemia: you did?
Tweety tweets: I did?
Eria Ziemia: catch up
Tweety tweets: How far up?
Eria Ziemia: all the way
Tweety tweets: You don't hold anything back, do you?
Eria Ziemia: nope lol
Tweety tweets: Me either. I'm glad you find this amusing.

Eria Ziemia: how are you
Tweety tweets: I'm doing fine thanks how are you?
Eria Ziemia: Im well
Tweety tweets: Glad to hear it. What's new?
Eria Ziemia: just shopping
Tweety tweets: Ok I will add that fact about shopping to my database.
Eria Ziemia: so how do you work?
Tweety tweets: Yeah that's right. Some people call my technology Case Based Reasoning or CBR.
Eria Ziemia: what is CBR?
Tweety tweets: Cased-Based Reasoning is another name for nearest-neighbor classification. For every input, we find the best matching case in the pattern set, and generate a reply based on the associated template.
(Uhm ok..)

Eria Ziemia: how do you reply?
Tweety tweets: It depends on the setting.
Eria Ziemia: what settings?
Tweety tweets: I'll come back to that later.
Eria Ziemia: ok then
Tweety tweets: And? Let me check my calendar and get back to you.
Eria Ziemia: ok that is a date
Tweety tweets: A date is a terrible thing to waste. Yippee!
(disturbing, and now I know the bird has to be male, dulging questions and getting dates!)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I say Sey!

I think Sey is wonderful store for its diversity and  for its nicely detailed and textured clothes. I'm here showing a little mix of some different things I found there.

I've chosen the purple top to go with the pants, but it comes in a few other colors and there are more styles and fun prints to chose from.
The Cargo pants are especially great, as they come in two different sizes, but its secret is really the belt. The belt also comes with the outfit in different variants. For instance you can chose to just have a simple belt or if you also want bags on it. Furthermore the belt offers a script to resize the belt and to retexture the bags, so they come  in a simple version and a cute version, as shown below. I love both versions really.

Though the outfit might be a bit more edgy in itself, the cute belt and jewels soften it up to a more feminine look (the lipstick might help too :). There is also a fine selection of jewels to be found at the store.The Envy necklace in Lurple matches the top and I really enjoy the details of it. The small pearls and the little sign with 'Envy' on it. I'm showing in a close up below here for you to judge for yourself.

Pants: Sey - 7B-CargoPants-Mocha
Top: Sey - TkTp/Emperor/B
Necklace: Sey "envy" - Purple
Bracelet: Zaara - Pratha silver cuff *onyx*
Hair: Truth - Kami - black & whites
Nails:Candy Nail - P045 Swallowtail Black*LE

Pose: Diesel Works  - Diva11

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kiss the boots with cherry lips

Hurray it seems the hot pink lips is taking another round this fall. Time to go find a prince to rub it off on -that's why I sit here in the picture, dreaming. I have a thing the cherry lips and love to make them glow with darker contrasts.

Which leads to my next point. The hair! Truth hair is still having it's sale. Run for it! because it ends on September 3. The hair I'm wearing above is only 125 Lindens and with the streaked versions, you actually get 6 hairs for that prize. You can find me in a happy daze at Truth till September 3, calculating which hairs and how many colors to get. Before you buy yourself poor at Truth though, remember the Hair Fair is starting next week.

The shoes I'm wearing is Sevilla low boots from Nova that I found at the Shoe Fair. The texture make them very subtle and yet you can't help but noticing them -might have to do with the exstreeme high and sexy heels. They come with a scripting system that give multiple options for readjusting.

Hair: Truth - Kami - black & whites
Top: Coco - MiniDress&Blouse -Black
Leggins: Emery - Denim Zoe Gray
Shoes: Nova - Sevilla low boots - Black
Nails: Candy Nail  - P045 Swallowtail Black*LE
Skin: League: Taylor Suntan -HotPink

Pose: [LAP] - WG-The Autumn PR4

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Traumerei Bracelet at Fashion House

I've received this very feminine and gorgeous bracelet from U&R Dogs. It's part of the Fashion House venue this month, which means you can find it as a exclusive color set there till August 25 for only 100L. For 5 months U&R Dogs will put another part of the set for sale till you eventually have the whole set, so you better not miss a month.
What I really like about this, is that it's scripted so it's resizable and you can change the color, chosing between 9 different colors. Here shown in gold version. So you're actually getting 9 bracelet in one, hurray!

Find this bracelet at Fashion House here -

Wearing in this picture:
Bracelet: U&R Dogs - Traumerei Bracelet Antique
Top: LeLutka -Tallys dress - Ivory
Hair: W&Y - Hair 37 - pack A

Monday, August 9, 2010

Opening of Fashion House

So here is a new little tip: Fashion House!
This is a new venue that will display items between 75-125L that are exclusive to the venue. The items will change once a month. Brands will be on rotation so they will not be required to participate every month.

The Fashion House venue will only be open between the 10th of each month (That mean it just opened today ;) and the 25th of the same month (closing). That is how long the collections will last. There will be one collection session each month.

Below  here I made a little mix and match that I find very feminine, but there are many more items to look out for, especially jewelry. The necklace in the picture below comes in 9 different and pretty colors. The top is actually from a dress, but the pink lights up in the black and white and goes well with a good pink lipstick skin. The skirt with its feathers is what really makes an outfit complete and special.

Just had to show off the KISS jewelry set in the picture above too, its a fun accessory that will give your outfit a little exstra detail that people just won't  help but noticing.

Visit Fashion House here -

Wearing in picture 1:
Top: Alexohol - Dominican Kiss Mini-FH Exclusive (actually a dress)
Skirt: Fume' - Black Fur Skirt
Necklace: Ganked - Sascha Necklace in Diamond
Hair: Truth - Grazia - walnut (not part of Fashion House)
Pose: Exposeur - Top Model Brenda (not part of Fashion House)

Wearing in picture 2:
Necklace: JD - Necklace KISS
Earrings: JD - Earrings KISS
Top: Nyte'N'Day - Stint Shirt - White (not part of Fashion House)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Platinum Hunt

Shh it haven't really started yet...
But tomorrow, Sunday, is the Platinum Hunt is setting off and you do not want to miss it! However I can't wait to show you the first mix i did of things you can find there and each item is only 10L. So below I'm showing my look as a Platinum Godess ready for the great hunt. For only 50L you can get it too! For fun and inspiration I'll blog some more mix and matches of the items you can get during the hunt period, which will last till end of august.

At the hunt you need to find a box with a pearl in it and like I said it will cost 10L. Inside the box you will also find a notecard informing of subjecs related to mental health.

The list of designers involved in the hunt is: ISPACHI, DeeTaleZ, KMADD/MADesigns, Dahlinks Jewelry, Glam Affair, Magika, SIGMA Jewels, Gawk!, Exodi, Ducknipple, WoE, Swansong, TART, Mudhoney, Fall In, Bliss Couture, *ICED* Jewelry, CaLLie Cline, Acid & Mala Creations, LiNe, !tarnished, Awesome Blossom, {what next}, HOC Industries, Mynerva, BLITZED, Diesel works, Cobrahive, Alyssa Bijoux Jewelry, Slutcookie, Dark Mouse, LoQ Hairs., KUNGLERS, Caroline’s Jewelry,Indyra Originals, LeeZu, Rockberry, fab.pony, FourSquares, Izzies, Ha!, MonS, Berries Inc., paper.doll, LOULOU&CO, Luck Inc, Sissi HQ, SLink, [doll.], JCNY,
RICIELLI, *Just Me*, Phoenix Rising, LacieCakes, :Fusion:, Fume’, <<< mannequin >>>, Sassy Kitty Designs, ATOMIC, *Reale*, Tyranny Designs, CnS E-motion, Son!a, skream!, Ploom, * Deviance *, Indie Rose, Adam’N'Eve, The Plastik, BAIASTICE, III, [si:n], GLITTERATI, Mustache, Cynful, Hucci, KHUSH, Heart & Sole, Boho, [dekade.], PurpleMoon Creations, Barcode, Intrigue Co., Exile, -abode-, Nyte’N'Day, Black & Blue Outfitters, iPoke Piercings, Vivaposes, Baffle!, Posh, *TuttiFrutti*, Candydoll, My Precious, Dernier Cri, HYPER CULTURE, Reek, Heartsick Skins, T Junction and Digital Knickers.

All items from these designers will be new and exclusive with a minimum value of 400L (Never sold before or during the event).

In these pictures I'm wearing:
Dress: Swansong - Essence Gown (Platinum)
Necklace: ICED - Grace Necklace - Platinum Hunt
Earrings: Dahlinks - Centre of All Things 2010 Necklace & Earrings
Hair: *Bliss Couture Hair* Brandy (Marron Glace) #29
Skin: Glam Affair - Summer Skin [ Platinum Hunt ] #16
Eyes: Glam Affair - Stella eyes 01 #16

Pose1 : LAP - WG2-The December PR4 (not part of the hunt)
Pose 2: Lap - WG-The Haver PR4 (not part of the hunt)

Friday, August 6, 2010

After Summer of Love fair we hunt Platinum

The Summer of Love Fair, raising awareness of mental health, is ending on Sunday August 8, So if you haven't been around it yet, you should hurry. I'm gonna show this little sexy dress as my the last goodie from there (though there are many more). This dress is made by *X*plosion and is a very short and hot little thing, that still leaves somethign to the imagination. In the folder it comes with different layers and also allows you to mix them, so e.g. get a whole black outfit instead. Different colors is also availble for purchase at the fair, so stop by and support the course.

So what's next now the Summer of Love Fair is ending? Don't worry too much, because you will be getting very busy soon.
CHIC Management, the producers behind Summer of Love Fair has arranged The Platinum Hunt, a really grand hunt, involving 100 of the top brands in SL and all items will just be 10L.

The Platinum Hunt will start on August 8th and runs until August 31st and I can't waith to bring you some off all the amazing and interesting things you can find there.

Wearing in the photo from Summeer of Love fair:
Dress: *X*plosion - SummerGlance Outfit Part 1 (black/rose)
Hair: Truth - Keeley - browns
Necklace: Curious Kitties - Lovely Sorrow Necklace - Black
Bracelet: Zaara - Pratha silver cuff *onyx*
Nails: Candy Nail #Birth Stone Nails Diamond *April L20

Pose: TorridWear - Vain 07

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Jewelry from Aglaia

Looking into more jewelry from Aglaia I'll show you these pretty new sets for the Flux collection, straight from designer Pheonix Piek. Starting out with the Rox pieces, shown below, which is matching earrings and necklace that despite their size have a light an airy look. Great for attrackting attention to your lovely face at parties without being too heavy looking.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lovely in White

Ok since I went on a shopping spree and went broke on the Summer of Love fair, I better show more of what i found there. Everything in the picture below, except the hair, is found on the fair and mixed it together. Again don't miss out on this fair and remember to visit the information points, where you can also catch some nice gifts.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer of Love Fair

The Summer of Love fair has been running since July 18th and will be running to August 8th. Thank God! since i had not heard of it till now and now that I visited I wouldn't have wanted to miss it for the world. The fair is raising awareness for mental health but focused on issues caused by human relationships e.g. Seasonal Affective Disorder, ADHD, Bulimia. Many designers have things for sale which is also new and exlusive for the fair. It's a small place for a fair, but it's packed with goodies and great accessories, I find that my inventory is a mess again after just one visit, but I think I made some really great finds.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lady Blue

I love feeling a little blue in this sexy dress from C.Smit, but of course it comes in several other colors as well. Actually this dress has to be bought in two seperate parts, skirt is 160L and top is 159L. The top allows two combinations, a top if you want to show off more skin and one that covers down to the waist as shown below.

I've always been loving the hair from Truth (maybe you can tell), but this hair rocks! To top it, beside the normal colors, you also get them in a version with streaks. Yay for all the possibilities to rock out.
Another detail I'm in love with these days, is the nails, that I've tried to higlight. I remember the days where nails where just a glove with color you put on. I'm amazed with the details you can have today, with rings, diamonds and butterflies. The ones I'm showing off here is from Candy Nails and only cost 150L and they're like little artworks, so certainly wont be the last I I'll buy from there. Never know who I'll need to scratch :)

Dress: C.Smit - Satin High Waist Skirt No. 1 - turquoise 2
Hair: Truth -Tilly - crow
Earrings: Mandala - Amida earring - Black
Bracelet: Zaara - Pratha silver cuff - onyx
Nails: Candy Nail #P045 Swallowtail Black*LE

Pose: LAP - 23/365

Visit C.Smit here -
Candy Nails -

Sunday, July 18, 2010

For the fashion show fans

Fashion Show Fan's Unlimited is a group for you who would like to keep updated on the different fashion shows going on. The group is collecting and informing about the fashion shows produced by the many professional agencies across Second Life. This way you only need one group space.

To join: Search 'Fashion Show Fans' under the group tab or use this link -

Friday, July 16, 2010

Diversity Hair is back!

Maybe you've noticed that the store Diversity Hair dissapeared some time ago. Fortunately designer Aleri Darkes decided to bring it back, but now located at the Celebration sim. The store is smaller, but still sells the most pupular hair styles for females and men and starting out with a sale to celebrate the return. Shown below is the lovely Jersey hair, right now the pack only cost 100L

Hair: Diversity Hair - Jersey - Jet Black
Bikini top: C.Smit - Bikini Paulina - gold dots
Pants: Digit Darkes - gold and black sequin striped pants
Earings: Mandala - Takayama earring - Gold
Bangles:Mandala - Takara Bangle - Bronze/ Nail
Sneakers: Redgrave - Black-Stripped/ Sculpties

Pose: Exposeur - Glamour Girl 10

Find the new Diversity Hair store here -

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fracas Tee

I adore this Fracas Tee in white as shown below, which is one of the many later releases from Nyte'N'Day. It comes in multible colors, where another favorite of mine is the gold version. It's a great alternative summer look of the small pretty dresses. Great to combine with some jeans if you still want to look hot, but with a rougher edge to your personality. The Tee can be found on the dark side of the store for 125L - Perfect for a trip into the wilder nature :)

Tee shirt: Nyte'N'Day - Fracas Tee - White
Jeans: Detour - Flood Jeans
Hair: ARGRACE - Hunting - Velvety bob - Light brown
Bracelet: U&R Dogs - Traumerei Bracelet Silver (by Ruriko Jewell)

Pose: Exposeur -Top Model Accessorize - Alasia

Visit Nyte'N'Day here -

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dress for the summer

This dress from MrS is is great for looking hot on a summerday. With its pretty pattern and colors it is practically glowing of summer and thoughts of roses in itself. It's very simple in 3 parts and only 90L so should be room to ad some nice accessories and then off for a picnic.

Hair: Truth - Carrie - Maple-Mahogany
Red bracelet: ACgirl - Colorful Bracelet (Freebie)
Blue Bracelet: W&Y Bracelet A (Freebie)

Pose: Exposeur -Top Model - Erin 2

For the dress visit TUTY'S & MrSIGMUND here -

Sunday, July 11, 2010

PixelDolls with an edge

I found this great dress at PixelDolls main store for 99L. There are several variations, but I just love the patterns on this one. It has some cute innocense to it as well as well an edge of  temper that fits the summer heat very well. The dress offers two options of sleeves, the poofy ones as shown below here or some flutter sleeves. You migth want to find a good bra to wear beneath, because the top part is rather skimpy, but hey that works in the heat too :)

Dress from PixelsDolls - Anais . Ragged nc
Boots from B&G - BOTA SENDRA - NEGRO
Hair from Truth - Wendy - fudge

Poses from :
[LAP] - WG-The Sasy PR4
[LAP] - MS2-Runway12 (little pic)

Visit PixelDolls at -

Monday, June 21, 2010

Have a look at Hanamachi

Riko Kamachi has finally redesigned her store Hanamachi. Though the store is not very big, it's a very charming little place stuffed with cute and feminine skirts and dresses, camis and tartans etc.

Right now the Song Lyric hunt is running from June 20 to July 20. Hanamachis donation to the hunt is this lovely and limited dress shown on the picture and inspired by ‘Daisy’ by Scottish folk singer Karine Polwart. Besides the daisy for the hair, you're also given the option to decorate the dress with a daisy at the chest, it's up to you.

If you're interested in the hunt and to pick up this great dress the starting point is here:
Go to Hanamachi store for more dresses, you'll find it here:

Pose: Exposeur -Top Model Alexandra

Monday, April 26, 2010

New store at Nyte'N'Day

Nyte caligari has been working on her new store for months and months and finally it's here! With the aim to get more space for more delicious outfits and yet make it easier to find just the right outfit, she build a new huge, but great store. Now the outfits is organized by purpose e.g. you need some party clothes, you got to that area, and if you need a business suit you can go to that area. Furthermore the store is divided into a black and white area - Night and day and of course you'll find the club wear in the night department and business in the day area.

Furthermore Nyte is working on re-doing some of her classic outfits, so if you have an old Nyte'N'Day outfit that you still love but feel is a bit outdated there is still hope. Of course there is no store opening without new outfits. Above is shown Nyte'N'Day - Stint in blue,  one of my new favorites for business wear. It's classical with cute little details like the buttons at the neck.

To make sure you get around seeing the store there is a hunt going on till Sunday 9pm SLT. You'll have to find 8 Nyte'N'Day mini logos and get free outfits in a special color that will not otherwise be available. The logos might not be too easy to find, but since Nyte is a softy, she already made the logos lager several times. Who knows, she might even have made them blinking lights by Sunday, so should be possible to find them and just enjoy discovering the new store and its possibilities :)